Alessandra Gelfini, piano
Max Pizio, sax
Two Dice Duo started their collaboration in 2004. Encouraged by their very different learning environments e provenance (jazz and contemporary music for Max, classical and Argentine tango for Alessandra), they built a varied repertoire, which ranges from revisited jazz standards, some masterpieces of the classical repertoire, to the rearrangement of some Argentine tangos in a strongly modern way.

In 2004, thanks to the collaboration with Associazione Teatrale “Anello di Moebius”, they took part, as live performers, to the show “Cafè Tango”, realizing a series of and precise and accurate transcriptions and arrangements of some of the most beautiful pages of tango repertoire, this time true to tradition, and combining them with original songs, written by the duo, always in style. At this point two distinct projects take shape: the one about Argentine tango, with arrangements of classic tango songs (Gardel, Troilo..), of famous Astor Piazzolla's masterpieces, of the best contemporary tango and an always growing number of original songs, in order to maintain compliance with the stylistic performance practice.

The second project, due to the love and interest for contemporary music, resulted, in 2005, in the publication of the CD “Alea”, a suite of tracks composed by Max Pizio, full of modern jazz colors, ancient music atmospheres, "tangueros" rhythms. “Alea” is the picture of a personal and musical moment, on the way to expressive search, which lead to use several percussion instruments, some of them built ad hoc, and vocals effects.

Two Dice performed in different situations (clubs, theaters, concert halls etc), among which Teatro Dimitri of Verscio (CH) and Studio Due - Radio della Svizzera Italiana.