Alessandra Gelfini, piano
Roberto Arosio, piano
Despite its recent formation, Florestano piano duo has already performed, always with flattering consents, in a series of concerts in Italy and abroad, including in Milan and Venice for the Association Dino Ciani, in Como for the Association Giosuè Carducci, at the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, in Bellinzona for the Helvetic Music Institute, in Turin at the Teatro Baretti and Conservatory of Lugano, where the duo collaborated with Maestro Gabor Meszaros. They also participated in the exhibitions "Red Lantern" (Conservatory of Lugano), "PianoCity" (City of Milan) and "Boccaccio and the Art of Storytelling" (Swiss Italian Radio). Il duo, composto dai pianisti Alessandra Gelfini e Roberto Arosio, si sta perfezionando con il M° Bruno Giuranna..

Above all the duo holds the main gift of a duo, that of an harmonious wholeness, practiced with study and care right from the choice of alternating between the melodic and the accompanying part. Moreover this is performed with accuracy and amiability, and with a sublime touch of grace, not lacking in the care for every minute detail: and this happens both in its melodic plot and in its brilliancy....
Maria Terraneo Fonticoli, La Provincia di Como (June 22, 2012)